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iMATRI ,a dedicated matrimonial website for Iyer and Iyengar community . The main intention of developing this website is to build a platform to search bride or groom completely free of cost. Now a days every matrimonial website is charging more in the name of different packages...which we want to completely break away from. At the same time we kept the website as simple as possible and easy to use keeping elderly parents who will be using this site.

We do not sell your data for any advertisements or share it with any third party services, we have taken as much precautionary steps as possible to keep your data safe ,including personal information or photographs or any other information pertaining to you.

We also have Iyengar & Iyer matrimony blog page,you can email us any interesting articles or stories to [email protected],which you want to share it with the readers.

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We sincerly thank parents/users who registered with until now,this keeps our enthusiasm on.Please refer our website to your friends/relatives.

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